[CANCELLED] Free to good home

We live in Northern Virginia (Prince William County) and we have a 1985 XJ6. It’s been parked for several years (fuel pump went out) and we intended to get it back on the road at some point, but reality has set in. I can’t stand the thought of donating it to some scrp yard. So, if someone would like to have it we’ll give/donate. The top part of the engine was rebuilt a couple of years before we parked it. The transmission was also rebuilt. The exterior is beginning to show some signs of rust and the seats and dash are good, but interior fabric is in rough shape… It’s all there, but we do want to hang on to the hood ornament. If interested, let us know.


Probably a good thing that you are on the other side of the country from me!!!


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Ooohhhhhh!!! So close! Next state over and I am in Raleigh.

But I live in a damn townhome and my 86 XJ6 is already living in a storage unit :worried:

My girlfriend does have a couple rental properties in Rocky Mount with huge yards so my wheels are spinning

Would you possibly consider providing a little more detail on the car… mileage, last time it was running and maybe a few pix?

I know the sadness of thinking of it getting crushed. I found an 87 in a pick a part yard outside Raleigh and was stunned. The car just needed a little work (insanity statement) but never should have been junked

PM me if you want to talk more


Sure. I’ll get you some photos and gather more details this weekend. For now, it’s white (needs washing) and it has red leather interior. We parked it in 2012. At that point everything was working fine, but the fuel pump went out. As you know, the fuel pump is in the trunk. Easy fix, but I just never got around to it.
I hope this works for you. It’s, in my opinion, one of the most classic body styles they ever made. Oh, one more thing. It was never lumped. Everything is still genuine Jag.

Ditto… I could use the tranny!

Do you plan on doing about 25 transmission swaps until you get to the one that magically works?

I don’t want to mislead you or waste your time. Someone that knows more about these cars than I do, said it would take more money than its worth to fix this car up. However, having said that, I will still send you some pictures of the car. And if you want it, you can have it.

I’ll try this again. Emails with more than 1 photo gets kicked back. So I’ll send them 1 at a time.

That urge. gotta resist. Impractical at my location and age!!!

Cost more to fix than it is worth?? depends on the values.

DIY and market value not an issue. Me.

Mechanic and sale. YUP. loser.

A challenge to me. You bet I think I could get it running.
I have the tools and space. Enough skill to figure out stuff.
PLUS lottsa help here.


Nope: just one more.

This one is too far gone to restore. It will have some good parts (free engine!) but look at the doors and the other usual spots. And I wouldn’t even want to try to get it running although that is always fun.

Keep the leaper and hope for someone interested in the suspension and engine. Those don’t deserve to be wrecked.

Tim -

Thanks for the photos and info, but as David said, my first impression was the same. If this much rust is showing on the outside, the unseen areas are not fixable probably. I too hate to see them in this shape, but perhaps post it on the Buy/Sell forum and people looking for parts will be more receptive.

Again appreciate the effort - Randy

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Hot rodders love those.

If still available, let me know, I will ship it to Africa and fix it to use.



I have good experience fixing this car to be roadworthy.
Check the attached I have restored

I totally disagree with you. This Jag is deemed to be saved, and I can perfectly hand that.