[CANCELLED] FS DG250 transmission with parts FREE

Description: For Sale is worked when parked DG250 transmission. Has shift cable, speedometer cable, mount assembly, front diveshaft and flex plate with torque converter bolts. It has oil in it yet and is nice color and smell. It will have to go freight or local pickup due to weight.

Its outside on a pallet under a tarp. Need gone!

If no interest soon, will go to scrap.

Asking price (if selling): $50.00

Location: USA west of Chicago

Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling): Paid by buyer

Willing to ship worldwide?

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Anyone want anything from this? Torque converter, bellhousing, shift cable or?? I swiped the Solenoid off the side as its the same as an manual overdrive Solenoid.

I’ve got a DG but no torque converter. How much for everything except the actual trans?

How’s $45 plus shipping sound?

any ideas on shipping or weight so I can calculate?

I can get size and weight after work. If I have a zip code see what it would cost. I can get some good rates.

80138 - res or there is a shop local it can go to if business only

Thanks. I’ll get a price tomorrow. I pulled the converter from the transmission tonight and have it draining. It’s kinda heavy, but not too bad.

Did you want the long driveshaft too or just the short with the other parts shown?

might as well kick in the long one. I’m working with a early Mk2 that was a stick but currently has no engine/gearbox. I had a 62 30 years ago that was a 2.4 automatic that I sold but kept the engine/trans (hence the 250 that I have now) but not all the other “stuff” for some reason. The engine was destroyed 14 years ago in a house fire but the trans was out in a shed. I’ve got a spare 4.2 from an 82 XJ I and parting out and toying with putting the DG behind the 4.2 for the 60 Mk2. I know I could go the John’s Cars Quarter-breed setup but really don’t want to spend that kind of money.

I’m working on quote. The torque converter will have to ship separately and is just under 50 lbs.
The other parts will be in a separate long box.
I’ll keep you posted.

The torque converter alone is $65.01 to ship.

The drive shafts and parts comes out to another $34.14 to ship.