[CANCELLED] Jaguar MK1 on T700R4 Conversion Kit

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Description: I have a Johns cars T700R4 Kit with rebuilt transmission in my 420. I found a manual 5 speed set-up I would like to use. I’m wondering if there is any interest in this set up. It only has less than 1000 miles on it and works perfectly.
Here’s the info from John’s cars site:
Which Marks are compatible with this conversion?

The Mark conversion kit is compatible with ALL Jaguar Mark Sedans. This includes the Mark I, II, VII, IX, X, S-types, 420 and 420G. This conversion kit will not fit any E-Type nor early Sedans. Look closely at your car before you call. I’ve seen many Mark cars retrofitted with another Mark series motor or an XJ series motor. A little care goes a long way to making the job flow smoothly.

Asking price (if selling): $2000.00

Location:West of Chicago USA

Contact information: PM or reply on listing

Cost of shipping (if selling): buyer pays freight

Willing to ship worldwide? USA

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The Mk10/420G conversion is apparently rarely done, as it requires enlargement of the right transmission tunnel by 3".

My 420 has not had the tunnel modified. The flang on the transmission comes close, but clears. The heat shield on the left side gets cut out by nearly 3 inches.
I drove her again and don’t mind the auto transmission. I think it would be fun with a manual transmission.

I didn’t suggest an issue with the 420. The 420G and Mk10 is a different car and different problem. You listed them as compatible for the conversion, but when you talk to John, it’s a different story. From what I’ve been told, it’s only been done once in a Mk10/420G. Mine could be the second, however. Have you decided to keep yours as is? I’d consider your system, but at that price, I’d start over with a known transmission. We might stay in touch, though.

I’m probably keep it as the manual kit is going to cost more than I thought. This is completely from John’s cars including the transmission. They installed the kit. Like I said it only has 1000 miles on it. Prices of transions are all over that was a asking price, but now I’ll probably keep it.
Thanks for the info.

When I converted from the dreaded, leaking DG250 in my Mk2, I put in a 4 synchro o/d and wired the switch to the intermediate speed hold on the dash, replacing the switch with an xk150 o/d switch. I am very happy with it, and I like the mk2 with the 5-speed, but have to say that your setup with the 700r4 is excellent, and really superior if you live in a city with hills. If you could find a good 4-synchro o/d at a reasonable price, the manual conversion would be much cheaper. I actually have an extra that I believe to be good, but it would need to be checked out carefully. I’m not here to pedal my transmission, though.

My recently acquired 4.2 Mk10 has a leaky BW8, and I’m considering changing it when I get all the other maladies fixed and can get some miles on it. I think you are smart to stick with what you have, but let’s chat if you change your mind.

We can ponder that idea. I do mostly hwy or back road driving . I like the auto, but like the idea of a manual with 5th or O.D.

manual definitely more fun on the back roads - hiway, makes little difference, unless you are stuck in traffic, then an auto is best imo.