[CANCELLED] Jaguar XJ40/XJ6 Center Pipe assembly

Description: For sale is a new center exhaust system with catalytic converters and new clamps to muffler. Bought for my 1994 and decided to throw the towl in on it as It needs more work I don’t care to spend more on it.

I have the car listed separately. Too nice to crap, but I need seats for my mk2 so its listed appropriately.

I paid $230.00 for this asking $130.00 plus buyer pays shipping or local pickup.

Location:USA west of Chicago

Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling): Paid by buyer

Willing to ship worldwide?

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That’s a hell of a good deal for a system that has both of the cat converters!

I know. I may try returning it to SNG.

Ok $80 plus shipping. It was a special order item, so no returns. Hate to scrap a new part I paid good money for.

Tim - what would shipping to 65807 run?

I’ll check in the morning.

Shipping UPS Ground is the cheapest at $36.06

Tim, please PM me so we can work out the details.

Tim, I’m having a look at the parts diagrams on the JLR classic parts site and can’t correlate the drawing to the photos you posted:

Don’t quite know how this would work with my car.

My car has single pipe after the head pipe and it splits with two converters then comes together same dual outlet as the picture shows. It you don’t think it won’t work I understand. I’ll probably cut the cats out and scrap it at a total loss. I waist so much money on these cars it probably doesn’t matter. I’m scrapping my xj40 btw. Its a shame because is so rust free.