[CANCELLED] : Moderate size collection of XK-120 jag parts for sale

XK-120 Jaguar parts for sale: Moderate size collection of jag parts for sale. My Father has restored 2 120’s over the past 30 years and these are the left overs. He has had much of this stuff for 30~40 years. Major items include: 3 engines, 2 rear diffs, 1 transmission, 1 XK 150 “S” cylinder head.

Engine, R3510-9 block with RA3596-9 head, Engine is blown, hole in block and oil pan, numbers indicate 60’s XKE engine.

Engine, V-2244-8 block, has a BC-2112-8 head, with an auto trans attached. Odd ball combo here, Don’t know, we bought it this way, was pulled from a sedan. Numbers indicate a XK 150 block.

Engine, W-4336-8, no head, seized, mild rust in bores, should come loose. Numbers indicate XK-120. Has flywheel and bell-housing, complete other than head & manifolds.

None of the engines have a distributor installed. I do have one distributor, not sure which engine it goes to.

Head, VS-1312-9, orange color code, no cams, Numbers indicate XK-150 S

2 rear diff’s, with backing plates, one has wire wheel hubs. (Rears are currently hard to get to for numbers.)

1 Trans, M? 4791J

Left and right front suspension pieces, upper & lower control arms with spindles and brake drums, all attached.

Several loose front suspension pieces.

1 pair exhaust manifolds.

(3) 16”, (2) 15” wire wheels, chrome peeling, need restored.

1 pair front wire wheel hubs.
1 pair knock-offs, chrome has been stripped.

1 pair side curtains, 1 pair interior door panels.

1 XK-120 steering wheel, needs restored.

2 XK 120 grilles, 1 has several fins broken loose, 1 is missing several fins.

1 starter.

Windshield posts.

Several brake druns.

1 early glass single 120 brake reservoir.

Motor mounts & several boxes of misc parts.
No body or interior parts or electrical parts.

Several SU carburetors, not sure if any are correct for a 120. 1 starting carb.
Pictures of the orange head and a engine number chart can be found here:Which XK engine?

ALL parts need refurbished or restored.

There is enough here to build a complete drive-train. Sure, the numbers won’t match but 60 + years later you can’t be too picky.

Everything has been stored inside a dry garage since we have had these parts.

I want to get rid of it as a complete lot. I’m in NE Ohio.

$5000. Will not ship. Based on e-bay pricing, This is a steal!!
Contact: Mkopocs@sbcglobal.net