[CANCELLED] Restored 1972 Jaguar E-Type Roadster V12 4-Speed


About the seller 61 years native Houstonian. Engineer. I was told at a young age I would need to work with my hands or else spend much time in the garage in my leisure time. This has held true.
Why a 1972 E-type? I had an experience at the age of 16 in a Series III E-type. That drive was exhilarating and left an impression that will never go away. More recently, my need for a challenging project prompted the search for this car. After performing a mechanical restoration on a 1972 FJ40 Landcruiser and completing several sessions of restoration courses at McPherson College Summer AR Institute, I felt prepared for the challenge.
Why sell “Lucy”? For me, it is about the journey and not the destination, the project and not the final product. I need another project in my shop.
My E-type. The car arrived in poor condition in January of 2015. It ran but rough. The tires were 16 years old, there was gritty oil covering the entire engine and the underside of the chassis, and the smell of fuel was strong. I spent almost three years sorting out the mechanical issues and had the car running well. Upgrades during this time included:

  1. 5 new tires, radials and inner tubes
  2. New fuel pump
  3. New aluminum radiator, Ron Davis
  4. New water pump and hoses
  5. Suspension restoration including uprated torsion bars and restored ball joints
  6. Rebuilt all ZS carburetors
  7. Install SNG’s HE ignition upgrade
  8. New plugs and wires
  9. Install RetroSound Bluetooth headunit with addition of front speakers
  10. Had seats recovered and installed new console and dash pad
    The body of the car was in fair condition. There was rust in the usual places: floor pans behind the wheels. It had been resprayed at some time in the past.
    In August of 2017 I had arrange to deliver a rolling chassis to Classic Cars of Houston for a full rotisserie, bare metal restoration. I retrieve the suspension parts for restoration in my shop. The strip down reveals some collision damage to the left rear wing and additional rust in the boot floor. Each of those issues were repaired and new floor pans were installed.
    Meanwhile, I tore the engine down for a full rebuild. I had a local machine shop skim and dress the heads (new valves, guides, springs, and seals), clean and true the block, timing chain cover and the flywheel, and hone the cylinders. I rebuilt the IRS. The steering rack and propeller shaft were rebuilt by outside specialists. I inspected the gearbox and resealed it. My visual inspection and its prior performance led me to call it ready for service.
    I built a test stand on which the rebuilt engine, radiator, and gearbox were mated. The engine had its initial run-in using Driven Racing 15W-50 break-in oil.
    New parts include:
    • Rings
    • Bearings
    • Valves, valve guides, seals
    • Head studs, head gaskets
    • Timing chain and tensioner
    • Read and front crank seals
    • Spin-on oil filter adapter
    • Clutch drive plate, cover, and release bearing
    • Brake pad, hand brake pads
    • Stainless steel caliper pistons and seals
    • SS braided brake lines
    • Remote brake bleeders
    • Radius arms and bushings
    • Tie rod ends
    • Shocks and springs
    • Exhaust headers
    • Stainless steel exhaust system (Bell) and custom tip (designed and built by me)
    • High-capacity radiator fans and shroud
    • Added circuit with modern relays and otter switch
    • Bumpers and some brightwork re-chromed
    The rebuilt suspension, wheels and steering component were returned to Classic Cars of Houston on which the restored body was fitted. The rolling chassis came back to my shop for further assembly.
    I applied DynaMat to the interior for noise and heat suppression. A new carpet kit was installed along with various interior panels.
    New parts include:
    • Complete carpet kit
    • Sill coverings
    • Door cards
    • Side mirrors, driver side and passenger side (early version)
    • Demister hose bushings
    • Bulbs and lenses
    • Headlights
    • Mohair soft top and hood envelope
    • Boot interior
    • ID plates
    Car was driven back to Classic Cars of Houston for installation of new soft top and final body finishes.
    I have continued to shake-down the car. She is a solid driver. I have recently replaced to clutch slave and steel line. Original unit was refurbished but did not last. The original steel line failed while attempting to detach it from the slave cylinder. Also, while adjusting the alignment on the passenger door, the body paint was damaged in the seam in front of the door. The nick can be seen in the pictures of the passenger side. I have sanded and touched this blemish with remaining body paint. Approximately 1/4 gallon of body paint will be delivered with the car. The can has the paint codes on the can.
    2007 20,949 reported on XKE Data Catalog
    Jan 2015 20,806 when I purchased the car
    Aug 2017 22,474 body restoration began
    May 2021 23,627 BAT photo shoot

Car being sold on Bring-A-Trailer. Auction ends Thursday, May 27, 2021 Link to the listing: Restored 1972 Jaguar E-Type Roadster V12 4-Speed for sale on BaT Auctions - ending May 27 (Lot #48,637) | Bring a Trailer

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