[CANCELLED] Struck out so far

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Description: Windshield needed for pre-facelift coupe.

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Location: Western Pa.

Contact information: Dave the Limey

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Hello Dave -(you may have already tried this route) - Safelite Auto (here in Franklin, PA - they have a facility in Hermitage, PA) stated a $482.28 when I gave them the Jaguar p/n BD44232 and the Pilkington p/n 437AGN just thought this may help - Tex.

This is definitely worth a try. Oddly enough we were just a few miles up route 18 when the rock attack happened, and I stopped at the Hermitage branch almost immediately. The owner said he did not want the replacement job, but he did not say whether or not he could actually get a windshield. I will look into this tomorrow. Thank you!
Are you really somewhere around Franklin? This Sunday there is an all British car show at Lake Erie Community Park. I plan on being there. Any interest?

I am actually in Polk, just west of Franklin - sure wish I could attend, but have to work - even though my car is not ready for the road, i still would have liked to go - Tex.

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I am in Jefferson PA . If you are looking for an XJS windscreen I have five or six parts cars with good glass. You can come down and I’ll help or have one of my guys help you pull it. I have the tools.


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PM sent, Stephen. Now I go to Google maps!

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