[CANCELLED] Various E-Type parts, Series I & II

(Include at least one picture)

Description:Heater duct, Jack, SU floats, misc

Asking price (if selling): $10 to $250

Location:New Berlin, WI

Contact information: ljvelk@att.net

Cost of shipping (if selling):various

Willing to ship worldwide? no

Detailed pics on request. Duct:$125, Jack:$250, Radiator brackets: $70 both, Therm housing: $25, Rear caliper (new): $100
Have an EXCELLENT Series II bonnet and the big air ducts - inquire.
Have 6 “H” 3.8 pistons, for those who would put good used ones in to save money ($100 - actually very good shape)
Quite a few used calipers - some new, but defective in one way or another.

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That is a rear section for a Moss box for the pedestal rear trans mount

Larry, is the jack suitable (correct) for a series 1 4.2?

There are apparently some differences with these jacks - for which I’m not familiar. This jack was in a 1964 3.8 FHC. This, like most of them for sale, is missing some parts (hence the lower price). I’m not even sure what is missing, so best to check with an expert on this. I’m quite sure it would be suitable, if not stock, for a Series II IF you had the few missing items. I’m somewhat sure the missing items could be fabricated using stuff from a good hardware store.

This site may help you determine which jack is proper for a particular year and model of car.


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Hi I’m interested in the jack and the parking brake cable.

Jack is sold. Cable available.
(jack probably sold - waiting on shipping cost and final decision)

$10 for the cable. Shipping may match or exceed this.