Description: Wanted JAGUAR XJ8 2004 DASH SOLAR SWITCH

Location: California

Contact information: Feel free to respond here or in this forum somehow.

Happy for a commercial link to a parts dealer. No need for used with a clip broken. Got one of those.


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@Robert_Laughton may be of help.

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Thank you! Won’t “stalk” him but will cross my fingers. Violated the “if it works don’t fix it” rule and broke a clip.

Don’t know where in California you are but Row52.com is currently showing a 2004 XJ8 at PICK-n-PULL Richmond in Richmond,
California 94806.

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Nice - never crossed over Row but great site much appreciated. About 400 miles from Richmond but would be a fun road trip!

Another possibility that some J-l’ers have used is Jaguar Heaven, which sells and ships used/salvage parts. Located in Stockton, CA, here is the URL:

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I have one, but don’t know if it works, as the car is dead.
Is there a way to test these?
$10 if you want them.
Good luck,

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Thanks Mike great resource. Robert I can test - happy to gamble $10.00 on a possible solution. Assuming the “frame” on yours is broken but frankly not an issue at $10.00. I can send the cash or Venmo with an address. What’s best way to do it on this platform? Never bought from here.

Private message sent.