[CANCELLED] Wanted: S2 4.2 Cam Covers

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Description: I’m looking for LH and RH S2 ribbed cam covers NOT beveled.

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Do you mean not bent or without the crossover cutouts?

As in straight and not bent and damaged? Yes no crossover cutouts at the rear or in the center.

Ok I don’t have any but thought this might be relevant to you.

There’s an inexpensive option, Anthony.

When I acquired my Canadian delivery ‘68 it was fitted with Stroms and the crossover manifold. I figured it was that way from the factory till on researching history and contacting the second and third owners was told it formerly had SUs. Turns out the engine was swapped out wholesale for an early, short stud S2 E-type engine, carbs and all. So, I switched it back, but like you didn’t like the look of the cam cover notches. So, I formed a couple of 16 ga strips of aluminum to fit precisely into the notches and used epoxy to fix them in place and to fill the voids below before painting. One can detect the join lines up close, otherwise almost invisible.

I’ve actually sourced a second set of S1.5 cam covers whose notches I’ll fill in with my tig welder, so that’s another option you can look into.

It’s funny you mentioned that Nick. I actually thought about filling them in with material glued in with JB Weld. Or perhaps taking them to my local prop repair guy in the Kawarthas that filled in the big ding on my boat prop last year. (Dam rocks) He would probably do it at a reasonable cost. But I didn’t because I figured the glue idea would be frowned upon if I asked on the forum. But yours looks awesome. Also figured if I asked about tig welding to fill, all I’d hear was negative feedback about heating them up and warping them. Bottom line, your response and photos was a pleasant read. Thank you for the ideas. After the concours in Hamilton I’m on a quest to get my score up. The car came in at 9.34. Even with my Delco alternator and wrong cam covers, no jack, no tools, wrong size tires and wrong spare. I guess all of that will be my winter project.
Thanks Anthony

No, they won’t warp if tigged gradually, no more than a repaired aluminum prop - if anything welding up a prop is more critical as you’d soon know if the welder messed up on the repair just from vibration. I ruined a prop on my 115 Yamaha o/b hitting sandbanks off Long Point in Lake Erie. There are times I don’t regret selling my Lund (as the saying goes, the two happiest days in an owner’s life is the day he buys his boat and the day he sells it :sunglasses:).