[CANCELLED] WTB Jaguar Mark 9 project car

Hi again. I actually am looking for a whole project car, not just the engine. LHD. Thanks.

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I have a very solid, complete Mk VIII and enough parts from Mark IXs to convert it to disc brakes and 3.8 engine. So it would be a Mark VIII 1/2. Appearance is identical.
The interior is very bad but I have a few bits from other cars to help out with that.
Geoff Rogers 413-259-1722

Hi and thanks. What are the numbers on the 3.8 engine? Thanks.


Hi, Janice,
I will check tomorrow but I believe Mark IX engines had an “N” or maybe “NA” prefix. I have one in a storage unit and another in a '59 Mark IX parts car.

I could be interested in the parts car if you are looking to sell.


I have a 1960 Mark IX complete car. It will need a lot of work but the car is very complete and solid. It has the 9:1 compression engine My cell is 804 651 2415 I can send photos if you give me a cell #
Mike Blair