Cannot Find Suspension Part...Need Help

I own a 1989 XJS, my wife a 2003 S-Type, V8.
We cannot find a driver’s side rear strut here and around Syracuse New York. I have been lucky in the past with the forum. Questions asked…Tyre size…235x55xR17…Not computer active…Engine 4.2 V8.
My wife is bummed out about this and doesn’t drive my XJS. We retired 21 years ago to rescue homeless and abused animals and need 2 vehicles. Some people have written back about a shock absorber…those are easily purchased. This is a strut which my mechanic tells me is completely different.
Please help…I can be reached @ 315.254.5033.
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried Rockauto?

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Rock Auto 2003 JAGUAR S-TYPE 4.2L V8 Shock Absorber | RockAuto

BILSTEIN 24067713 {2R8318080EA, XR836887, 24-067713} B4 OE Replacement Info

Rear; Base Model; Standard Suspension without Electronic Suspension

About $84 each plus tax and shipping.

Yes. My mechanic deals with them but he came up short.


That looks a reasonable price $nz133.00

This isn’t a shock absorber unfortunately, this is a strut.

So is it one of these you are looking for
As the only thing that looks like a
‘Strut’ is the shock absorber.

I am not a mechanic and googled the phrase…”rear strut for 2003 Jaguar S-Type” and it took me to a picture. I think the issue is supply and demand.

Ok so can you post the picture here that you think is the part the mechanic is talking about?