Cannot lock drivers door

1998 X308
I’ve asked this before but wondered whether anyone has fresh ideas:
When removing battery to recharge it, if there’s enough power to unlock all doors with central locking, after removing battery I just go round all doors pushing the knobs down to lock each door.
If the battery is flat I can unlock the drivers door with the key. However, I cannot then lock the drivers door with the key, or pushing down the knob. It won’t push down! So I have an unlocked car until I’ve charged the battery.
Any ideas?

Do you need to remove the battery? If my cars need a charge I just place the charger in the car and run the power lead through the boot and close it.

Yes, as there’s no power near the car. I could just open the boot and not the door, but I don’t know whether the battery is flat until I turn the key, if it’s not the central locking works, and if it is, just the drivers door unlocks. (Sometimes the remote doesn’t work even though the battery isn’t flat), and if I just open the boot the alarm will go off it’s it’s not flat!

Without power nearby this is my solution:

I leave this connected as being retired the Jags are not used daily so can sit for a week or more at times.

I’d use one, but one space I have, which I usually use for Jag, is under flats so dark, and the other which I normally use for my dog car is under trees. I bought a new dog car in August and didn’t want tree sap constantly all over it, hence why I swapped spaces, and put a car cover over the Jag for 4 months without starting it!