Can't figure out how to put in fuel tank

(Greg) #1

Is there a trick to this? Only way I can try is to angle it in, right side first, then try to swing in left side, but it always hits against body. I don’t want to force it, or do I?

(Greg) #2

NM! Figured it out, tank MUST go in straight.

(alabbasi) #3

I just did that job yesterday in my XJ-SC (see video that I posted in my thread). I had to remove the fuel tank filler lid. Otherwise it went in pretty much straight

(Roderick) #4

Gregma… I don’t know but am super impressed at your XJS rehab determination!

(Paul Wigton) #5

LOL!1 At first, I read that as this: “can’t figure out how to put fuel in tank.”

Bout came and took the car off’a!

:joy: :joy: :joy:

(Greg) #6

LOL Paul. I’m still laughing.

Roderick, thanks. It’s a labor of love, although my body is fighting me everytime after a few hours in a row.