Can't login on main site

(BradS) #1

This is rather maddening. I can sign in here thru the “sign inba/email” link, sometimes when entering password here, sometimes not, and NEVER at the site when clicking a “contact seller” link on a classified ad. All in 3 different browsers.

I’ve reset my password several times with no success, writing to admin seems to be my sole remedy. I’m on Android 8.0. Thoughts? --Brad Self

(Andrew Waugh) #2

Hi Brad,

Which ad were you trying to contact the seller for? The login to the ads site should be seamless, and you don’t need to type a password when looking at an ad. The “Contact seller” link in the ad should just open your mail application with a mail to that user’s email address.

Perhaps there’s something odd about the ad you’re trying to respond to.