Can't turn the timing chain tensioner

You are SO awesome! Perfect!! Thank you!
I’m ready to go get 'er done!! Then on, and into the engine internals … I can already see that one cam lobe on the exhaust side is a little beat up. (Coincidentally ? adjacent to the stuck stud) It’s gonna need to be reground if there’s enough ‘meat’, otherwise a new camshaft. Then we’ll see what else.
Plenty of good machine shops around Seattle.
Thanks again, so very much!

If you’ve got damage on a cam lobe it’s an indication that the tappet bucket in that location may have come loose, in which case the edge of the bucket may also show damage. If so, you will need to get a new one pressed in. Regardless, consider installing a tappet bucket hold down kit on the head while it’s out. Cheap insurance. It’s usually on the hotter exhaust side the buckets come loose, usually when the engine’s overheated, but they do on occasion come loose on the intake side. I installed two kits.

Awesome, thanks for the info!