Car cover recommendations

(Bob Frisby) #1

I need a new outdoor car cover for my XK* convertible. My old one is just weathered out. It is a single layer non-woven material, no pretense of being waterproof (which I wouldn’t want). I can’t find a label, but think the material might be “Noah” by Kimberly -Clark.

I like the material fine, but it is a “one size fits many” cover, and really doesn’t fit very well. I would like a true custom-fit cover.

Suggestions? Comments??

Bob Frisby
Boise, Idaho

(Paul Wigton) #2

Not cheap, but very well-made.


(Bob Frisby) #3

Thanks Wiggy! I did order a cover from this company (also known as “Covercraft”), and after maybe three weeks, It finally arrived the other day.
I thought the price was reasonable (about $225). It fits beautifully, and I am very pleased.

Bob Frisby
'99 XK8 & '70 E-type FHC