Car Cover Suggestions

Any suggestions for a car cover for an xk140 with L&R wing mirrors. It would just be for overnight parking at events, not continuous outdoor storage. Looking for one that is made for the model and not a one size fits all 6 man tent.


I prefer cotton covers with a flannel inner surface. They are soft and don’t scratch. For my 150, I bought one from Moss. A very nice cover, it will last a lifetime. Its only drawback is it’s a bit heavy. However, there are lighter weight material versions available, which is what I have for my MKII.

I avoid car covers of any kind, unless the car is the workshop and I’m working on another next to it. Even if washed regularly they will collect dust particles which can scratch, and will move against the paintwork in the slightest breeze. Even the breathable ones or, worse, the waterproof ones tend to trap water or condensation overnight outdoors. I’m lucky in that the cars live in a garage with a separating door to the workshop, so I can keep dust out. If we’re on a tour, or travelling, they get wet and/or dirty with whatever the weather in Europe is doing, and a careful wash above and beneath before going back in the garage. I’ve seen too many nice cars with polished-through high points to use covers, especially outdoors. But different climates behave differently!

spend some time on the web site for California Car Cover…here: California Car Cover Co. Official Website | Custom Fit Car Covers & Accessories for New & Classic Cars On Sale (

use this link…there are a dozen copy cat web sites with almost same name. Calif Car Cover has been in biz for decades, many cover materials, and makes custom covers. Likely have a template already for your car…with or without mirrors etc. Since you want a custom fit. I also carry a plastic water proof cover–larger to go OVER my soft flannel cover…in case of rain. Since on topic…for a less custom fit…at a great price…measure your car…L W H…and find any generic other model car cover that is that or a little more–toyota, mustang, who cares…just so its measurements match…on web–ebay , and look for factory seconds…the NOAH fabric, for about 1/2 to 2/3 off list. I get ALL my covers that way…$275-$300 list for $80-$120 USD.