:car cranking no start

Just purchased the car I have wanted for a long time. It was running when i brought it home. The person I purchased it from advised.me that it was hard to start and that it was the fuel pump. He had included a new pump with the car. I drove the car for a.few days.then a few.dayx ago it would not start. I installed the new fuel pump still no start. I installed a new fuel filter still no start. Placed code reader and found camshaft and crankshaft positioning sensor errors. Removed them and tested them. They passed the testing procredure. Ther is an envine fault and poor performance messages. Anyone have an idea what i should look at next. Thanks any suggestion would be appreciated. W

Good battery is critical for these cars.
A minimum resting battery voltage of 12.6 volts is essential.
This may not be your hard start cause but may well be the cause of your errors etc. Particularly if you have been cranking. Charge up your battery and give it another shot, you will likely find things much better.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check it to make sure it has a full charge and try again.

Battery has full charge still no start. Is there an easy way to check timing? I understand that the timing chain tensioners go bad. The car was.running fine the last time i drove it. Left overnight and next.morning would crank but no start.

Try opening the Schrader valve on the fuel rail to confirm you have fuel pressure in the rail. Will at least eliminate fuel pump\filter as the issue, although I know you have replaced them.

Problem solved. I did as you suggested. No pressure at valve. Rechecked fuel pump and found a.broken connector at the pump itself. Got a new one and all is good.
Thanks to all for your help.

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Please have your Battery dealer double check it.
When thru this myself this past week. Showed charged,
lighting came on just slightly dimer that usual, but, would
not start. Got it checked and a new battery and no worries,
now I’m driving everywhere!
Regards, Bob (GR8 XK8)