Car don't recognize P?


Hello, i have promblem with my -93 sovereign. Sometimes when i park the car and put shifter into -P- i dont get keys out of the ignition switch, its like the car dont recognize that it is on park. Is there like sensor or something? Please help, this is really annoying problem.

(motorcarman) #2

You might try a selector lever cable adjustment??


(Grooveman) #3

Hello Nikolai …

Below is a diagram of your gear shift assembly …


Just for reference the black arrow is the shift cable going to the transmission.

The gear selector trim (blue arrow) is fastened with 4 small screws. If you just loosen them a little bit you can slide the trim back and forth a small amount because the bolt holes are elongated for this adjustment. See if that works first.

The red arrow is the micro switch that the shift lever depresses when it moves into the “park” position.
It may be misadjusted or defective. This is where I would look next. Easy to get to after you remove the wood ski slope trim.

(Bryan N) #4

Presumably your car starts when you put the gear shift lever in ‘Park’, and since the ‘start inhibit’ function is controlled by the transmission rotary switch position (so that must be OK), I believe that the ‘key lock’ function is separately controlled by that ‘Park’ microswitch - I would therefore go along with Dennis’s suggestion.


I will try those things next, hopefully i find some kind of solution.


Problem solved! Did little adjustements to the micro switch, works now like a dream.
Thanks for the help guys!

(Grooveman) #7

Another satisfied customer :+1:


Btw is there any place i can order a new micro switch? Switch itself looked a bit “tired”. Works now but thinking about the future i think its good to have spare switch.

(Grooveman) #9

Nikoial …

After a quick look I couldn’t find anything on the original micro switch part number (jaguar MMD4940AA).

But the good news is that if you google “micro switch” you’ll find hundreds of them and I’m sure you’ll find one that’s just right. They’re very inexpensive 2 or $3. It’s a simple on/off switch you’ll just have to swap over the electrical plug with the old one.


Yep, i think you are right. Thanks for the effort.