Car locked key in ignition

Hi Newby here returning to Jags after a few years Italian. Recently purchased X300 Sovereign with only one key. Car locked itself with key in ignition. Bonnet and boot are open as car is in garage but all doors locked, windows shut. Was removing radio for refurbishment and drivers door card is removed. All ideas appreciated.

The XJ40/X300?X308 sedans can be opened with a short length of nylon ‘banding-strap’ and a ‘wood-wedge’

Open the door frame with the wedge at the top-rear of the driver’s door and slide a folded piece of the strap down, moving it back and forth with an end in each hand.

Maneuver it around the ‘hourglass-shaped’ lock spindle, PULL BACK AND UP!!!

Everyone at the dealer kept one of the lengths of strap in the toolbox.
Open a sedan door in less than 30 seconds.

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Good information to have thanks. Hope I never need it though

I was hoping there was some trick way of releasing the central locking as I have access to the under bonnet and boot electrics. Tried using some wire but the door seals have stopped me getting inside the door. Will try again tomorrow.

Result! :grinning: Did not have any strapping, but was in town dropping off a parcel and spotted some hanging out of a 7/11 shops wheely bin. So pulled out a length and gave it a try as suggested and now have my key back. Use a wood or plastic wedge so you don’t damage the car. Now to get another key and find a fob at a sensible price. Thanks motorcarman.


I did a similar thing with an X300. I called the AA and he prised the door open a little, enough to slide in a plastic gizmo he had to pull the door handle.

The thing is…the door was never the same. Since that day, I got terrible wind noise from it. Several people had a go at returning it to its proper shape, to no avail.