Car loseing petrol whilst Idle

Hiya new to foyet, quick question hopefully somebody can answer. I have bought a B reg jaguar and i notice that whilst sitting idle with the engin running.the petrol display logged in about 3 minutes 2 miles had come off on the distance display seems odd is this normal

I believe this is normal as the computer uses the instantaneous average mpg which is zero mpg to calculate range, this will drive down the average over time.

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Hiya bud i did not mean the Mpg it was going down on the Range… is that normal

Sorry i see didn’t read that properly thanks

But if im not moving shouldn’t it go up not down for distance?

When you’re not moving you lose range because you still burn petrol!

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A mile a minute ok that seems odd as when im actually driving it works out about the same for 5 miles… as you can tell very new to this car…

Yes as the car uses petrol whilst idling and therefore as it (petrol) becomes less the range will become less.


You use 2 litres per hour and do not move at all. Nothing worse for mileage! Everything is fine.