Car value 1986 XJ6 VDP

Hey all! It’s been a wile. I am needing to sell my 1986 Vanden Plas and am trying to get a gauge on its worth… I have done a lot to the car including a rebuilt 700R4 trans, completely rebuilt fuel system under the hood, all new vac lines under the hood, new GM alternator, new GM starter, new sway bar bushings, rear end and rear breaks done less that 200 miles ago, new wood dash and all of the flaps tested and replaced, all new vacuum lines in dash, new AC controller, New AC compressor hoses evaporator dryer, and a slew of other things. I have a lot of paperwork on the car including the original bill of sale and over 6K of work done in the last 2 years.
Now the bad… rust… rust around from windshield, back window, bottom of doors, a hole straight through the rear quarter panel, and a hole in the floor under the back seat.

What do you think it could be worth?

That’s the deal killer: I’d wager your car isn’t worth more than $2000, on the market.

Now, you have three choices:
-drive it till it breaks in half;
-find a decent, non-rusty donor, and xfer the good stuff to it;
-sell it for a loss.

Sadly, they aren’t worth much to begin with. Tough to say without pictures. But I agree with Paul. Rust around the windshield corners might be one thing, but what you describe sounds like a deal killer.

Not much…you didn’t disclose the mileage…if its 100,000 or more, Scrape or parting out will be worth more…
Sadly we have been down this road.
Its a big money pit.

I am sorry that you seem to have spent a lot bringing your car up to a great standard but that you have discovered so much rust. Can you live with the rust and just enjoy it as it is? Or do local safety tests preclude that?


The car has 130k on it so I figured that it wasn’t worth much. It was my dads car. I might as well keep it and keep playing with it…
Maybe I can find a solid body and transfer what I’ve done.

Go to Bring a trailer and click on the search button after typing in xj6…then sit down. Series 3 xj6 are worth nothing…
And parts are worth nothing…I have almost every part from my '86 xj6 parts car…had this parts car for 8 years…nobody wants the parts…not one. Will be crushed soon.
BUT…I have an idea…Jay C …here in Phoenix bought an '84 several years ago for $400 and being a life long Phoenix xj6 it has the most perfect body…and I bet Jay would give you what is left (Jay did beat up the quarters trying to get the gas tanks out…but it is not too bad…

I was the second owner of an XJ6 and had it 27 years.
Despite its 118K miles, people were astonished at how pristine it looked. I would have loved to to keep it, but the weather here was starting to eat it up. I couldn’t bear to see it deteriorate, so reluctantly sold it: $4300

It got compliments on every single drive. But Mitch is right, virtually nobody wants them.

Given the rust issues… you sold that well.

Whereabouts are you?


I’m in the Charlotte NC area.

If you have memories of your dad.
Take the leaper offf , place it next to a picture of your dad then scrape the rest!

I thought 87 and before XJ6’s were somewhat sought after?

There is a market for low mileage and/or show condition Series III XJ6s. Two that sold on Bring aTrailer recently went for $18K and $21K. Usual condition daily drivers that need exterior and interior work may go for $1-3K depending on general condition. Bring a Trailer has a feature to search their historical auction sales prices.

Cars with windshield rust (a common problem) can cost quite a bit to fix and may need a full repaint after the repair. XJ6 repair and restoration costs can easily exceed their market value.


Thanks for the info, I’m starting to really fall in love with the xj6, but am resisting temptation. I want a second Jaguar, and my wife wants an electric Nissan Leaf.
I’m afraid the XJ6 will remain a dream, for now.

If my wife said that I would tell her “your next husband can buy you one”.
HaHa…kidding…(no I’m not) Next……