Car with all the good signs won't start

I must admit Ron, when I say respect , I’m saying I don’t redline the car. I don’t believe it’s a true redline anyway. (Not sure what the real one is). I think it is put there to stop us all from being stupid.
Doesn’t mean I always drive like a little ole lady. I take the car out and give her the beans as we like to say. I tae the car out once in a while, more of a dropping to a lower gear and revving through varying speeds in order to de carbon.
I’m guessing 5500 RPM. Never has the car carboned up and/or had issues.

IMO, you can get almost as good as an Italian tune-up by just driving the car for a good hour at freeway speeds. Maybe keep it in 2nd gear for a bit so the revs are higher.

Also, I’ve ran a bit of water once, and SeaFoam twice, through my intake manifold a few times (via vacuum hoses connected to throttle taps). When I had my intake manifold off last year, I took a peak with my endoscope down a few intake valves, and they looked so clean.

Before I started removing parts I would go right back to one of the basics and square one…fuel.
If your fuel and fuel system was contaminated with water that was sitting in the bottom of the tank and, or, mixed with the fuel supply you would never get it to start.
I would drain the fuel tank and flush the lines and when I was positive fuel was not the problem ,but it still wouldn’t start, then I would start on component diagnosis.
I have seen this numerous times with snowmobiles, motorcycles, and boats.

Hi Bob, thanks for that. I am going to empty and clean the tank again, flush the lines and replace the filter again, but the top of my engine has been disgusting since i got it and it also had mice living in it so i have removed the ancillaries and its now soaking in degreaser… going to do lots of cleaning of things and reinsulating of harnesses etc, wanted to do it for years. Oh new plugs n leads too.