Carb intake manifold leak


I finally got my car running on Friday after sitting for many years. After running for about a minute or two I turned it off an added a little more coolant to the radiator and then I noticed coolant leaking out of the carb intake manifold from a round hole just below the right carb. Any suggestions do I am not sure how to stop the coolant flow. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Also I will try and upload a pic. I am new to this forum so I will have to figure out how.

69 2+2 with the 4.2 engine.

Photo May help on this


assuming you have the Strombergs, this is a picture from below a 1970 setup.

Can you point out the leak?

Yes, Martin that is my setup. Sorry for not uploading the photo last night it was late and I couldn’t figure it out.

Also I noticed on your setup both holes are open. I have one that is open and one closed.

They both are closed, you are missing a frost plug. My picture might mislead - both plugs are in place.

Oh okay it looked like they were open my bad. So I need a frost plug I couldn’t find it in my parts catalog but i will double check.

Thank you Martin.

Is it a threaded plug? I noticed there still is a small piece still attached on mine.

What I see in your picture is residue, that will clean out. If you look closely at my picture or your existung frostplug, you will see that these are of the bowl-formed kind that form fit - not threaded. They were additionally secured by stamped corners.

Okay, got it. Thanks again Martin!

You’ll need to carefully finagle the outer ring of that old plug out and clean up the landing before trying to beat in a new one. It looks like your original one was staked in place. I wouldn’t endeavor to do that job with the carb in place obscuring it. It will be annoying enough with it exposed.

I also wouldn’t want to rely on friction alone to seal it. There’s no reason to risk it. I’d use a good sealing substance on the cup landing. All the freeze plugs on my block were installed with Permatex Aviation Forma Gasket. Something like that plus tapping in will secure it.

I know the angle looks a little tricky plus I have never installed one before.

Thanks for the tips and advice.

Erica is spot on. Also, looking at your photo the four places that were staked are still intruding into the plug cavity. If you try to beat in a new plug like that you’ll likely just bugger up the new cap and not get a good seal. I’d use a dremel tool to CAREFULLY remove the aluminum that is intruding into the cylindrical cavity and then use a punch to re-stake the new plug once in.

Got it. I really appreciate all the GREAT advice! Thank you.


Great advice Erica you were spot on. The installation went pretty much how you and Doug described. The only thing I didn’t know until after I installed the plug was they make 3 different types Permatex Aviation forma gasket # 1, 2, 3. I ended up using #3. I hope it was the right one. Once I got the carbs back on it fired right up with no leaks…so far. :grinning:

Thanks again!

I may be having a similar issue. I’ve started up an old Jag e-type and I’m seeing fuel leaking from the carb/air filter area. I’ve read elsewhere that this is likely a stuck float. I’m also seeing fluid leaking from a nozzle here

Any insights? Thanks!

Yep, stuck float or shutoff valve is my bet.