Carb linkage on LHD conversion

Does anybody have a photo of the bulkhead bracket that the throttle linkage attaches to?
I installed a new twin speed wiper motor* the throttle linkage was attached to a bracket under the old unit. It no longer fits, so I need to make up a new one. But I have no idea what it looks like or where it’s supposed to fit.
My car is a US import with a RHD conversion but there is no sign of a bracket on either side.

*good product, but a nightmare to get it working, but that’s another story.

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Welcome Paul. Which model, and do you mean it was originally LHD and now converted to RHD?

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the group which you will find have much knowledge between them.

Which model do you have? I have an RHD 140 dhc apart at the moment and have all the bracketry removed. I am away on a job until next week. If no one else has any handy pictures PM me a reminder and I will take some photos and send them to you.

If you have the DR1 or DR3 wiper motor it is a bit tricky to wire up unless you understand how it’s supposed to work. Many years ago I did a write up on this which is still in our archives somewhere.

Shropshire, UK

Thanks Eric, mine’s a 120 OTS originally an LHD import from the US but converted to RHD. It’s also got a 140 front axel with disks and rack & Pinion steering. Not very original but a lovely drive.

I got an electrician friend to look at the wiper set up and he discovered I had been sold a plain relay not a change-over! It’s working fine and a huge improvement over the original’

Not much from the forum so far, but it’s early days.


Hi Paul,

Couple of photos attached of the bulkhead bracket. This is (was) a LHD 120 FHC (chassis 679314) from Feb 1952.

As you can probably tel the car had been unused for some considerable time…!


  • photo that didn’t load first time

Thanks David, as usual it’s a lot more elaborate than I was expecting. The joys of a classic car. I have three sets of spanners and I still get bolts none of them fit.

Good luck with the restoration, it does look in need of some (a lot!) of TLC.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards


Sorry to jump in on this thread, but I have my LHD 140 DHC in bits and am converting it to RHD, so if anyone is in Eric’s position and could provide photos (or even drawings!) of all the throttle bracketry and rods it would be very much appreciated!

I can take some pictures tomorrow if you like, Roger.

Copy me in as well please , although drop head is probably different to FHC?

I’d really appreciate that Eric, thanks. If email would be easier, please send to

I got some time today and took a few pictures of the bracket and bell crank. Hope these help.

Thanks Eric, I will see how that lines up with what I have.

Thanks Eric - much appreciated. Now I need to start hunting for parts.