Carb Overflow Pipe Clips

These clips hold the carb vent pipes to keep them from rattling around.

I can’t find any reference to them in the parts books or manuals.
Does anyone else also have these?
Perhaps only Mark V had them?
Just wondering which bolts they should be attached to.
If nobody knows I’ll just pick two that make sense.

Perhaps tappet cover bolts?


Hi Rob,
I don’t have these on my MkIV and those pipes are not easy to bend and don’t flop around from my experience. If anywhere perhaps they would be fastened under the top row of bolts holding the aluminium tappet (cam follower) cover in place.

Not remembering seeing these in Mark V application, unless possible re-purposing of parts of the carburetter driptray assembly C.2828 (Plate number M.54).

Here are two views of the driptray assembly which suggest the parts above came from such an assembly.

I thought those two pieces went under the front guards to support the wiring loom going to the headlight… I found a photo of the guard support crossbrace that shows where it was mounted.

Further to my above post, my MKV came with these two smaller brackets for the overflows…

I agree with Jon, they are the sidelight cable retainers fitted under the front wings to prevent that part of the harness dangling too close to the wheel. If overflow clips are needed they should only be very small and hugging the engine as shown.

Doh! Slapping forehead with a brick. Jon is absolutely right. It was a mislabeled plastic bag that tricked me. The small P-clips might have been in the same bag at one time.

Great work. At least I’m not the only one who gets things ‘confused’. Is it something to do with age? I don’t think so, I’m not 90 yet!

Jon is correct, I just painted those from under the wings on my MK V.

Hi Rob, if you have the C.1543/6 Clip, securing Side Lamp Cables to Wing Stays, Chassis Harness to Front Left Hand Engine Mounting Bracket and to Chassis Frame (parts manual page 91), here is a picture of how my LHS is mounted.