Carburetor service procedure

I’m new to this model,series 3, v12. Had a stuck inlet valve causing fuel flooding. To service the float bowl, there is no way to stop the bowl, clean up and close. There is a frame strut under the bowls, so removal of whole carb set was the only solution. Those mounting nuts are seriously tight to get to. Ok, did the job, learned a lot, did both carbs because I was there already. Closed up, solved problem. Right? Wrong. Half hour of happy operation and the left side front carb is flooding out. So, same process being required, but wait! Why not take down the two carbs while mounted on the lower manifold housing? Only 8 bolts, easy to get, then service the carbs on the bench, remount the entire manifold and carbs, the mounting nuts on the carbs are easy to get on the bench. Should save hours of needless frustration. Only need a few gaskets and I can renew the old hoses on the manifold. Anyone see a problem here? I am deferring to experience here.

Rick, removing carburetors together with the manifolds is what many advise.
but you need to drain the coolant and remove the connecting pipes to the carburetor housing,
Quite a number of posting on this issue, including myself and Marek.

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