Carburetor Thermocouples For Tuning

Been a while since I checked in. I may be wrong but I did not find this topic. I’ve made a notable alteration on my 72 with 6 webers. I mounted thermistor thermocouples in symmetry locations at the base area of each throat. On the IDF’s there is a convenient recessed plug is a perfect point to thread into.
I found a great correlation between richness and throat temperature. That, in conjunction with oxy sensors on each bank provided a notable performance in terms of mileage. On a country road, running in the mid 40’s mph I achieved 16.5 mpg. However, a similar run on a local highway with lights and stop and go I got a dramatic drop to 10 mpg!
In my situation I took 12-wire computer cables to carry the signals into the cabin. This gives a constant readout and quickly alerts you which throat is misbehaving. The project is low cost as these little rectangular tc gages are a couple of $ on eBay.