Carburetors regeneration - Jaguar MK V

Hello to all jaguar lovers,
I need to regenerate a carburetors set for MKV. A question for you. Can you recommend a company that comprehensively deals with this? Preferably in Europe.
I will add that my carburetors have already been regenerated but I think it was not done well because the carburetors is not working properly.
That’s why I would like to hand them over to a specialist.
Thank you in advance for all the tips.

If you wish a rebuild in Europe, you may consider the company which has continued S.U., see .

They are not extremely complicated, so if you want to tell us what you have, maybe with pictures, we can help you get them right.

The essentials are that the spindles in the bodies should not have side play as this will allow air to be drawn i and affect the mixture
The damper should not be loose in the suction chamber top
Usually tested by holding the 2 items inverted by the needle { Dry from memory but could be corrected on that. and keeping the other hand ready to catch it, let the suction chamber cover fall and time how long it takes
Once again I’ve forgotten the exact time specified But from memory about 5 seconds Too quickly means the dmaper is not, well damping.

None of it is rocket science.

Just adding to the list of essentials, float levels must be correct (it’s easy to check that the fuel is just below the top of the jet tube) and the jets must be centralised (again easy to check that the pistons are free to fall without sticking).


Thank you very much for every tip. As always you are helpful.

Best regards