Carpet/rear wrong

A month ago I bought the complete carpet kit at Aldridge (through SNBARRAT) for my 1967 mk2 3.4…almost $600 US dollars…I received the purchase and started installing…when I was installing the rear mats…surprise!!! They didn’t fit well…I contacted SNBARRAT…and Snbarrat with Aldridge…which they said that my car was not original…(that the front seat support had been modified)…could someone give me their point of view. …since I have doubts…I think do not want to respond to this mistake…unless they are right

When I did my Mark X, I had a similar issue. I believe they used a 420G to make their patterns. The front and rear floor mats did not fit. I believe there may have been a change in the front cross “beam” that the seat is mounted to. This may have been due to the change in automatic transmissions. The mats were several inches too long.

They also got my center console wrong because they were used to the 420G console which had vent controls in this area. They had to redo it.

Don’t believe they are experts. In my case, they certainly were not.


I had the same response when I questioned the fit of my rear quarter panel on my ‘S’.
‘Your a car must have been modified’ It hasn’t been.

They look right to me !
there should be 2 supports for each seat to sit on .
I changed my car from Auto to manual , , carpets are diffrent but only around the transmission tunnel .
Ps , are you sure it’s a MK2 Jaguar shell ?
I sold some seats a good few years back , out of a Daimler V8250 , guy wanted to fit the seats into a MK2 , they was not a straight bolt on job , as the 250 don’t have the 2 supports for the seats !

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I have verified the chassis number…and engine number that matches the head number and everything is without any change…total that apparently Aldridge is not going to give me any credit…if I want other rear mats. .they cost $180 $$…absurd and stupid response…I sent them all the information about the car and not everything turned out as I expected…

When I started to restore the carpet…I removed everything old and repainted the floor and I didn’t see any modifications…

I have used Aldridge and found them to be very reasonable. They did a perfect job on the headlining of my Daimler V8-250 but some panels for the boot were not quite right. They sent replacements the same day without any fuss.

I think buying them through SNG has perhaps complicated matters - I always dealt direct - but I’m sure that if you can demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that your car is right and their carpets are wrong they will not hesitate to put things right - they won’t want to carry on supplying the wrong carpets for customers and having this problem repeated.

I don’t know what the mountings for the Jaguar look like but at first glance those mountings look very like the mountings for my Daimler, which has different front seats to the Jaguar. They may have the same mountings; I don’t know but that’s maybe a good place to start.

Something is not right , looks like there is no holes for captive nuts to hold the brackets on , in your cross member !!
But there is in the floor :thinking:



And on the vertical part as well:

Mk1 holes:

Well spotted , did not see them :+1:

Do I see rivets in place of welds here ? It’s sketchy = dangerous, especially if they are Aluminum. I’d re-do these.
Or better revert to original setup…




But anyways…i dont know…So I’ll have to buy others…

I see these holes…but they are sealed…why would someone take the time to seal them…but no way…thansk

This bit is definitely missing from yours

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I think there is a safety issue with the seat mounts just being riveted on :thinking:
Someone has changed the seats in the past , and just done a quick and not very good job with the mounts !!


Looks like a bodged swap for S-type or 420 seats.

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A good friend of mine has had nothing but trouble from Aldridge for his 63 Mark II automatic. Backwards and forwards getting nowhere. The carpets sent were about 2 inches short on each side of the bell housing and problems with the rear seat mounts but Aldridge said they were correct.
I looked at them and they were totally wrong. He looked at 6 other Mark II’s and even sent his own pattern to Aldridge who finally got them almost right. They don’t seem to be aware of the changes Jaguar has made over time and this confounds the problem.

As for me, the carpets sent by Aldridge for my 1960 Mark IX were just awful and ugly. Instead of having the correct 2 piece front and rear section free of ugly joins they sent a one piece monstrosity with the ugly join running front to rear. The separate transmission hump part was poorly designed with bulging bits that wouldn’t sit down. Now I’m stuck with them

Contact Jonathan Skinner and ask if he will measure their patterns against what your carpets are. He was extremely helpful in that he made an extra leather patch on the carpet piece against the transmission tunnel to avoid wear and discoloration of the carpet from my shoes

I was a bit cash short getting car on the road , and the wedding of my daughter , so had a measure up and wend down to the local carpet shop , £75 the cost of the carped , made my own templates , was only a temp job , 9 years on they are still fitted , next time I may go up to £150 :rofl:


I bought a full carpet set from Aldridge for my project rebuild (V8250) way before I needed it but inflation will make them unaffordable soon. In order to replace the carpets in my daily runner which were shot I used the Aldridge set to make exact copies using very good carpet off the web for £35! Once cut out I discovered some of the carpet was too short so I am not looking forward to fitting the very expensive “real” set.
The parts under the front seats were the main problem - just not enough material to cover the gaps.