Carpets UK based

Can anyone recommend a company, in the UK, that produces quality interior carpets? Front and back, using colours close enough to the XJ-S originals.

I believe Aldridge interiors is the go to?

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I also need carpets, and thinking about doing them myself. Buy a small runner carpet or small washable carpet, plain or even with maybe a pattern? Am considering sisal, which comes in various colors. Border trim can be a contrast or matching. Lots of options and can be personalized, border matching car color, or whatever. Check with your local seamstress to see if they can do the border, Glue on the plastic heel protection area, might find a piece withJaguar on it. I’m thinking of maybe a flour de lis pattern, but might look tacky or distracting. Easy to cut from a template and if you don’t like it, try another before committing to a border…

In addition to Aldridge, you can also try Coverdale. They will send you carpet samples and are reasonably priced.

I’ve made and bound my own carpet for a super rare car that had no pattern available. It did not come out perfect, but was good enough and much cheaper than paying the auto upholster guy to do it. A seamstress is very unlikely to have the equipment required. You need either a large industrial walking foot sewing machine with a binding folder (which is what I used) an actual carpet binding machine. The local auto upholstery guy here has his carpets bound by a store the binds household carpet remnants and sells them as area rugs, and was uninterested in using the fold over binding I wanted.


Aldridge in Wolverhampton UK or BAS south Wales… both top quality…they will send out samples…they sell ready made or will custom fit…iv used both companies so can recommend them…Steve

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There are firms that will bind a sample of carpet for you, there’s a local one in Bexhill on sea.

Thanks for all the recommendations, I’ll take a look at them as my current front carpets stink, seems like they have been damp at some point in the last 2 decades.

Try John Skinner in Gloucestershire , I’ve purchased from them for yrs .They have done my E types, XJ12C,and my XJS .

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Does anyone know where I can buy carpet for 89 Jaguar XJS convertible in the USA?

Call Paul’s Jaguar in FL. Even though they are shutting down their general parts business, i believe they will still be making carpet and upholstery kits.