Cartoon Boing Sound From Trunk

1988 XJS Coupe

I’m trying to chase down an annoying ‘boing’ sound (exactly like a cartoon boooooiiinnnnngggg) that seems to be coming from right behind the third brake light, intermittently while I’m driving.

Searching through archives, I found this. Are you kidding me? Could this be it? So am I supposed to put a ziptie (8) around this thing? I don’t understand what is happening.

Hah! I dunno what else that ziptie does! Might as well zip one on, see if your boing goes away!

What is that component identified as #5 in your drawing? I haven’t seen one of those before and I doubt my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible has one.


I think it’s a tension spring to keep the trunk open. Mine doesn’t have gas struts.

Correct its the tension spring for the boot lid, or as in Gregs situation a tuning fork :slight_smile:


Thanks. My wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible has two gas struts that hold the boot lid open that are much like those that hold the bonnet open. There isn’t anything that looks like that in her car.


My Cabbie has that torsion spring, too. Doesn’t go “boing”, though. Have to take a look tomorrow and see whether there is a zip-tie!

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You put a spring on @gary_breyer1??


Let’s see. He wouldn’t be a cab-driver in NW London, perchance, would he?

The tension rods for the trunk lid should have a piece of rubber between them so they don’t gall. each other…mine is an 88 and it has a rubber strip like one quarter inch square by about ten inches long wove around the rods in the center…

I put zip tie around it like Jaguar’s drawing, tightened it down, noise is gone!!!

Of course, now my trunk squeaks when I open it.


The squeak is probably because you did not use the special Jaguar zip tie. They are very difficult to find and expensive when you can find one. :rofl:

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Get some of that stick door mechanism lube or bees wax(toilet bowl wax ring) and smear a little on wherever the rods touch any part…oil won’t stay