Catastrophic ABS/Brake Failure

I had a catastrophic ABS failure during a torrential downpour at about 6:00 PM today.
Something “Popped” and blew brake fluid all over the engine bay. The reservoir is 100% empty.
To be sure I haven’t had an opportunity to check for a failure,
My question is; in common experience what has been the most common failure the results in a complete emptying of the brake fluid reservoir coating all the surrounding engine bay in brake fluid?


Never heard of this happening, has the sphere destroyed itself?

Appears to be in good condition. My plan is to
Fill the reservoir with brake fluid, start the car and watch for leaks…?

The problem was the accumulator “O” ring.
As soon as the system began to pressurize brake fluid shot out from the “O” ring like :scream:
New “O” ring all’s well, may have to bleed the brakes. Won’t be the first time🇺🇸

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Well at least I was in the right area :v:

I’ve never had a problem with that O ring in 12 years, 2 cars and the better part of 200K miles.
In any case it was a cheap and easy repair. The system will not have to be bled, no warning light and operation is spot on.