Caution Negative Earth label in early S2?

Getting ready to finish up the assembly and install of my heater box and was wondering if this label applied to my early S2 or not? Chassis # is 1R9713.

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 1.36.15 PM

I’m about 99.95557 percent sure it does.

LOL. Since rounded off that reads “100 percent” I’ll order one today!

Thanks John!

My 69 S2 is slightly earlier than yours (it’s 1R9075) and did not have one nor did it have any evidence of ever having had one (no rivet holes).

Nevertheless, I added one:

I’ll see your swag, and raise you 0.04442 per cent!


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Well since I just ordered one I think it looks great!

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I have that exact label/plate on my heater box and our cars are pretty much aligned (1969 Series 2 FHC)


Thanks Bob. I ordered on from Moss Motors -it should be here tomorrow. Could you shoot me a picture of your’s that I could use for the mounting location?


Here you go -

Thanks Bill! and Geo for the pictures