CCOL 2016 videos

Below are three videos I recorded during the California Coast Oil Leak this past September. I finally put them up on Youtube and thought some of the folks here might enjoy them. Several JL folks and their cars are in them. Jerry provides the best description and overview of what the oil leaks are all about. I thought these videos might add something as well.


First stop on the September 2016 California Coast Oil Leak at Mission San Antonio de Padua

A quick stop just north of Fort Bragg

Driving the twisties outside Leggett, California

…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the memories!!
Thanks, Drew.

Very nice Drew!! Thanks for sharing, looks like serious fun.

Yeah, what Paul said.


That’s too much fun for a mortal man to have. Pity, now you guys don’t have anything to look forward to when you get to heaven! I sure wish that I could join you this summer.

Mark, They are indeed a fantastic experience and the weather and scenery were perfect this past year. The drive along the coast up Highway 1 is, of course, one of the most magnificent drives in the world. Sorry you won’t be able to make the next one up through Montana up to Glacier NP in Canada and then back to Yellowstone. I am starting to get my car ready again.


I told Drew I liked the way he cruised through the crowd and didn’t stop to let people make inane comments (like I would). Makes it very natural, but there are many listers in this video you might like to associate names with, so here goes:
MIK Jaguar with Dave Drake (my old college roommate)
Mike King in the pink shirt
Lloyd’s primrose car with the classic brown leather suitcase
Jim Neal (I think) and wife – who had to bring an MGB
Glenn Wior and Greg Meboe at Glenn’s car
John Carey in the lime green shirt
Norm and Dierdre Black
Just a glimpse of Dianne Meboe
The back of my head
Michael Jenkins and Denise, with Debbie Langley
David Langley in funny hat and blue shirt; Ray and Peggy Livingston and Kathleen Hahn (I think)
Geo Hahn’s maroon S2 OTS with classic brown leather suitcase (wait a minute…)
Ben Cohen (waving)
Geo Hahn checking out Lynn and Jan Gardner’s beautiful OTS
Jan and Lynn Gardner (see how nonchalant!)
Ray Livingston’s OTS, then Jeff Chew’s OTS.

Hours and hours driving twisty roads like that on the CCOL!


Cool Jerry, thanks for that; I would really like to put names to the faces.

Best, Alan

Did you see that cyclist’s face of pain as he was slugging it uphill!!! Shame, he believed he was having fun until the E’s came screaming down…

Two more videos. The first one is a drive through the 2400 year old Chandelier Tree with JL folks on the other side.

The second is us chasing David Langley and the other cars through the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.


No inane comments in these either!



For the BSOL I will add some dialogue here and there and try and catch some radio chatter. :slight_smile: