CD changer emulator


Between the stiffness of my 2005 XKR’s suspension and the bad condition of local roads, the CD changer isn’t very useful. I would like to try a CD changer emulator. Can someone send me a picture of the CD changer outlet on the back of the stereo so I can look for one that’s compatible? (An emulator allows you to plug in a USB device such as a flash drive as the source thus avoiding problems when you hit bumps.)

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I don’t have a picture,but I know that there are a couple of Bluetooth adapters that connect in line with the CD player. That’s the route I plan on going at some point lol. I know it’s not what you asked for, but figured I’d throw it out there,:grin:


Your idea is certainly worth mentioning for those who use their phone as their music source. I’m more a more old school type and hope to have my music collection look like (huge) CDs to the music system. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Oh yes I have about 400 or so CDs in my collection too. Ive been tempted to put an aux jack in my console, just not sure which way I want to go


I bought one at Radio Shack that I insert into my cassette player and it allows my smart phone to play music from my phone. My car has the Harman Kardon Premium Sound System.


That was about a $2000 option on this car!


That’s right-- I have one too, it’s called a cassette adapter.


Talking to myself here but it does work very well.

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I bought one of the cigarette lighter Bluetooth adapters on Amazon for $15. I’m happy with it so far