CD changer swap

(Casso) #1

Does anyone know of a readily available CD changer that is a direct swap for the original ?
I’m sick to the back teeth of the one in my car jamming up. It works ok for several weeks then
I get an EO6 message. Everytime this happens one of the sliding CD holders has become jammed in a half in half out position. The cartridge cannot be removed when this happens and I have to take the complete unit out and dismantle it to free the stuck disc.
I’ve scrutinised everything inside looking for the cause but can see nothing obvious.
I’m not too concerned about the size shape or mounting arrangements of a replacement, I can always knock up a mounting of some sort, but it must be compatible with the head unit and cables.

(Mike Stone) #2

Casso - the short answer is 'yes" - on the used market. The Jag head unit, at least in my 1994, was made by Alpine and uses the M-bus communication protocol with the CD changer. I suppose any M-bus protocol changer might work but I know an Alpine CHM-S601 will work as I used one for many years in my car. A quick check of eBay showed a number of Alpine CHM-S6xx series (600, 601, 655, etc) units for sale for less than $100. If you are interested, there are also M-bus interfaces (most DIY?) that allow you to use an iPod or the like in lieu of a CD changer. Google is your friend there:

(motorcarman) #3

The generic ALPINE units will work fine in the older cars. Jaguar did issue a TSB for the later cars (X300). The Radio Head Units were reconfigured to work ONLY with Jaguar Alpine CD changers.

15-41 Radio & CD Autochanger Compatibility.pdf (80.6 KB)


(Casso) #4

Thanks for that info Mike, Armed with that knowledge I’ll know exactly what to look for now. The thought of using an ipod type device hadn’t even crossed my mind, I found that link very interesting and something else to investigate .

(John Quilter) #5

Mine does the same, leaving one disc stuck in the changer when the cartridge is ejected. Would love to know what the cause of this is and perhaps find a facility that can repair/tweak the unit to be reliable long term. I too am tired of taking the changer out of the trunk, removing the cover to free the stuck disc.

( Larry ) #6

A bloody good cleaning of all moving parts can help …(benzine bath > contact cleaner spray > compressed air can blow recommended)

(Jag.Man) #7

Casso, my 94VDP did not have a CD player when I got it but several years ago I purchased an Alpine S620 on eBay for $35. I had to make a mounting bracket in order to install it and it was a direct hook-up. I occasionally get the E06 message but if I press the Green button it will correct itself. I just looked and there are several available on eBay now.

I’m not sure if this is specific to this model or not, good luck.

(Casso) #8

Hi John, it makes me feel better to know it’s not only me having this problem. I’ve cleaned every moving part inside and carefully checked everything but I can’t find why it does it. The fact it works fine for a few weeks doesn’t help. I’m reluctant to just sling it and try another that is basically the same, I was hoping somebody would know of a more reliable make / model but it looks like I’ll just have to source the same again. The sound system is one of the most vital parts of my car !!!

(Casso) #9

Hi Jagman, the photo you sent is identical to the changer I have fitted at the moment, the original black Jaguar version packed up completely about five years ago. I was hoping somebody would know of a completely different make / model that might fit.

(John Quilter) #10

[quote=“Jag.Man, post:7, topic:375663”]

Where is this green button? I’m guessing on the factory unit this is the cartridge eject button. Will not work with my situation as one disc is stuck in the player and not returned to the cartridge when the green button is pressed.

(Timothy Bentley) #11

Where are you? I have an Alpine changer and I`m in Orange county, California

(Casso) #12

Hello Timothy thanks for the response, unfortunately I’m in the NW area of the UK !

(Timothy Bentley) #13

Oh, too bad. Actually, I`m from Chester

(Casso) #14

I love Chester, Besides the wonderful Roman buildings, the Chester Races and the beautiful river walks, the charity shops are also fantastic, it’s one of my favourite hunting grounds for vinyl LPs !

( Larry ) #15

And let’s not forget Charlie Chester who can name that tune in …or if he can’t you get a fiver …