CD player magazine stuck

(William Hall) #1

I have just purchased a 2003 S type with a CD changer and the magazine will not eject.
Does anyone have any thoughts on how to correct this.
The car has low miles and is really clean. It is a real pleasure after driving a 4 door dually for the past 8 years.


(Eric Capron) #2

The unit may not be the same as on earlier cars but assuming that it is similar, is it completely dead when you press the eject button or can you hear the motor running but the CD caddy doesn’t come out? The unit is fed from fuse 29 in the rear power distribution fusebox but this fuse feeds other things such as the telephone, voice activation and navigation units so if these are working it won’t be this fuse.

You might be able to check for power on the connector. According to the diagram it’s on pin 2 of what appears to be a three pin connector and should be a brown wire with a green tracer.

(John Quilter) #3

If this is a remote trunk mounted CD changer it may be similiar to the one in my early 90s XJ40. I have had that issue but was able to get the magazine to eject by pushing it in so that the final CD will eject from the “turntable” and slide into the magazine, it will then eject. If you have a dash mounted CD player disregard my comments as I am not familiar with those.

(Breslau Baro) #4

slide a credit card between the magazine and changer to free it