Cd stacker not working

hi all, my alpine cd stacker has been working fine up till now. when i try to use it now the head unit shows “error 01”, any ideas how to fix.

Easy. Get the unit out of the car and open it up. You’ll spend longer getting the boot liner out of the way and unbolting everything than you will applying the fix.The case can be a bit stiff along the sides but it will come off.

Inside, you’ll see a bunch of (probably white) plastic gears. One of them has jumped out of contact with the other. Just push it back on and reassemble.

I found this, which might be somewhat helpful: DIY: CD Changer Disassembly & Repair - YouTube

hi, many thanks for that. will give that a go over the weekend.

If that doesn’t fix it, it may just need unjamming and then greasing

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Silicone grease would be good for plastic gears.

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Yeah, it’s what I used the last time

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