Center Vents Delanair MK3 Stuck/very small amount of air , 1988 XJS

Hello guys, I am Clemens, I am from Austria, Europe, new to this forum.
Two years ago I had my complete a/c system renewed . It worked good but lately there is not much air coming out of the center vents and screen vents as well.
Is there a way to get there and deactivate the flaps (to be fully open constantly) without removing the dashboard? Is there a way to do that when the glove box is out?
I don’t want to remove the dash:-(

Thank you for your help guys!

all the best , Clemens

Welcome Clemence.



The actuator is that silver round thing behind the center vent, and opens the vent when vacuum is applied.

Test first if you have vacuum going to the actuator (green line on photo). Same for the screen vents (blue line on photo).
Do both recirculation flaps close when you turn the system on?
Are both your blower fans working?

Good luck.

Thank you Aristides! Thank you for your help!
I did not realize that there are two blower motors:-) how can I check that both are working? And if not how can i change them?

Clemens, each blower motor has its own fuse. Once you identify the two fuses, you remove one of them and turn the A/C on to see whether any air moves. Then you replace that fuse and remove the other fuse and ,again, turn on the A/C and check for airflow. That way you will find out whether both blowers function.
Explaining how to remove the blowers is best covered in Kirby Palms “Experience in a Book” which can be downloaded from this site, free. Lots of information!

Hello Dave! Thanks so much its the left blower motor. Its not running. Fuse is ok. Are both blower motors always running at the same time?
So I think I need a new left blower motor.

Yes, both blowers run together, controlled by the A/C ECU. If you have to replace the blower assembly you will find the job, um, “interesting.”

Ok:-)) and it does not depend wether the A/c compressor is on or not? So even without A/C the blowers should both run?

Correct. Once you go from “OFF” to low to normal to high, the blowers should be working. As our cars have real “Climate Control” the A/C compressor generally runs all the time too, unless the owner re-wires it so it cannot.

The bottom of this page - 1989 Jaguar XJS Coupe has MkIII center vent information that might be useful.

Guys! You are great! Thank you for your help!!