Centering an S2 cooling fan

Hi all

I just replaced the fan blades on my dual, round motor, electric cooling fans. The left side spins in the shroud without contact, but the right rubs at the top a bit.

I’m looking for a way to center the fan. The 3 mounting arms/ brackets have round, rather than oblong, holes, so no adjustment there.

The round fan motor adapter to bracket seems to have no adjustment either.

I have considered just trying to bend the bracket, but that’s rather crude and may not yield the result I want.

I could trim the blades, but am reluctant to do that as it may throw the balance off.

Finally there is the strap that wraps around the fan motor. Can I shim that?

Who has gone down this path before me? Share your wisdom!


Morning Bob, I have been almost down this path. I retained and rebuilt the original square motors.
When I reinstalled I also had a slight rub, as the tolerances are surprisingly tight. I found loosening the mounting bolts at the shroud, and slight flexing of the mounting arms easily allowed a remedy.

It’s just aluminum bend it. It won’t break. Should be no problem.

And that’s what I did! Silly me. I was trying to finesse my way through it, rather than just apply some muscle.

Thanks all!