Central Florida classic mechanic

Hello, I have several Jag V12’s XJC, XJ12, XJS and I’m looking for a good local (relatively) classics mechanic to do all the bits of work I don’t have the time for. Mostly upkeep and servicing work however a good restoration guy might be a good find for one of my other projects. Any good references appreciated. Thank you.

You might want to be more specific. Central Florida is a fairly large description.

I’m in Orlando, but I’m more interested in the quality of the technician than the distance travelled to get work done. I’ve been working on them for 30+ years but just don’t have the spare time to keep up with my cars anymore. A good mechanic would be a god send and would prompt me to add to the collection. I’ve come across some pretty poor excuses for “experts” so far, so would appreciate any first hand knowledge of anyone with genuine experience on older Jags. Thank you.

Glenn of Glenn’s MG St Petersburg pops up in Jag Lovers from time to time. Not super close…

Giles . . .
I can highly recommend Nick Feher in Sarasota: NV Expert European Auto Repair
Also take a look at Renaissance Motor Cars; they service a lot of Jaguars: Renaissance Motor Cars - Must See Sarasota

Sarasota is a bit of drive from Orlando - about 2 hours provided you stay away from I-4 traffic jams. Less of a concern if you have AAA Premier membership (which all Jaguar owners should have).