Central locking electric problem

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dear friends … my '87 slowly is getting perfect !! But there’s always something to do … and now I’m trying to make this button work properly,

I think given the design, you need to close everything, doors, trunk, windows, roof and tank … but … but it only closes the windows! Out of curiosity, I removed the passenger side knee cover and pulled out the central locking module. This despite the numerous cables it runs it has only two connected, all the others have been cut by some old psychopathic owner! In the control I found that the speed control cable was also cut !! Now it will be complicated to figure out and I am considering whether to bring my lover from the electrician, as long as this is able to fix this mess of cut wires …

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In my 89 xj 40 that is the panic button! It closes all winbows, sunroof and locks all doors. Mine works at this time, if you need photos of anything under the dash let me know as I have just removed the dashboard and have access to most items under neeth.

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wonderful!! do you take a picture of the plug that goes into the central locking module and what goes into the speed control module? and maybe some photos here and there to understand how the kilometers of cables that are below are arranged …

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Here’s what the good book (owner’s manual) has to say ,

cut by some old psychopathic owner!” … after owning my XJ40 for close to 30 years I have often been that person :flushed:

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Also having been a ‘40 owner I can attest to the intricacies of the central locking, BTW if you are not careful this could be what you become :slight_smile: however with the help of this forum hopefully you won’t be reduced to that state.

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David…if you can post that photos :slight_smile: this monday the car goes to check all this Wired and it’s better if I show to electronic mechanic all… photos and some electronic scheme. Where Can I find It?

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Friends…2 days and I must show something to this Specialist…an Electric diagram of that modules :yum::yum:

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If you can find a Haynes Manual there are Electrical wiring diagrams in there that will show what the wires should be. I am away from home at present but also seem to have mislaid my manual so unable to help.

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I found only theese for lock and Cruise control…Image25

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Any spots in particular?

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…the plug inside Cruise control module and central lock…thanks. we Need see color of cables

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Those are the 2 plugs in my 89, I believe that 91 went to 1 plug.

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I have 87…but for lock module It Is long and slim :roll_eyes:

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Where wou I find it? There are lots of goodies under there, part number?

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From memory on my ‘88 it was on the pass side (R/H drive) above the fuse box on an angle.

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Exactly…large 1cm and long 8cm maybe

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hope these help