Chain sprocket wear vs noise

Do the cam gear sprockets wear (60K) enough typically to need changing to reduce noise???

Generally, not: Tweety’s had over 200,000 miles on them.

It‘s a duplex chain and a solid tappet motor, you could inspect the chain but I can’t see how it would be audibly noisy - my mercedes has a single row chain that wears down the sprockets when it gets longer and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference except maybe on startup. Mine‘s scheduled to fail any minute and the engine is not loud or anything.
You can of course inspect the camshaft sprockets for wear. If anything it must be the chain?

The manual states to turn the concentric adjusting plate counter clockwise (I Think). Regardless, after not much success in that direction, I tried in doing the opposite of the manual and the noise went away.

It goes round and round and round with the chain removed, if it did not go any further maybe your chain was too tight - can it be noisy then? Or something was binding and the chain was loose. The sprocket rides on an eccentric part, eccentric to the adjuster ‚gear‘.
Feel the chain on the longest stretch, it should not feel rock solid but absolutely not loose.