Changing Headlight Bulb Older XJS

I have just replaced the headlight bulb on my 85 XJS. Apparently the newer models have access through the plate in the wheel well and I removed this to do the job…BUT…this revealed a completely sealed headlight cavity with just the power cable protruding. The Hayes manual indicates “ depress the nylon tabs which retain the lamp unit, pull the unit forward until the connecting plug can be detached.”
SIMPLE!!!.. Not at all…!!!
Typically…these plastic clips would not “flex” freely enough to enable the headlight to come free…and I was too nervous to exert too much force because the plastic clips could break.
The headlight is attached in 4 places…top, bottom, outside and inside brackets.
My car has the headlamp wipers and the wiper motor is in the way of access to the inside bracket. The top bracket is not accessible. The bracket has 3 screws…the centre of which adjusts the light position and the two outer screws which fasten to the car via threaded holes.
What worked was unscrewing the outer and bottom brackets from the car…they are the only ones really visible…and can be reached with small extension bars on 1/4 inch sockets with a screwdriver socket on the end. The bottom Inner screw requires a universal drive to allow for a mounting bracket which is in the way. When they are removed the headlamp can be moved out of the two remaining retaining clips and then slid out of the cavity. Then screw the two retaining clips back into position and gently press the headlight back into all four plastic clips after replacing the bulb.

Can we presume this is a Euro spec car? Oblong Cibie headlights with glass lenses and H4 bulbs?

Yessiree !!! And the pesky wiper blade mechanism thrown in . Possibly added to the difficulty in reaching all the plastic tabs to facilitate removal.