Changing the Design of the Site - Expect Some Problems


I’m changing the design of the site using a very pretty Discourse theme called the Air Theme, that I’ve modified slightly to be more “Jaguar-ish.”

While this work is going on, there will be intermittent hiccups to various aspects of the look and feel of the site, such as colors, fonts, graphics, and so on.

Please don’t despair. If it looks wrong or even unreadable on your screen, please just wait a few minutes, then try reloading the site. The exception is the category images, it’ll take me a while to get to all of them. Please be patient. In the meantime, some of them will look somewhat squished.

If all goes well, the site will look like the below screenshots. Light/day mode:

And dark/night mode:

Please report any bugs here, but keep in mind what I wrote above about this being a work in progress so it’ll take me a little while to get everything dialed in.

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Important: the new theme looks much better if you click/tap the hamburger menu at the top left of your screen so that the menu shows. Otherwise you’ll just have an empty box along the left side of your screen.

I definitely like the square avatar photos: they show more of the persons intent than the little round ones did.

Here is what I see when I now open Jag-Lovers.

Is there any way to make the center section I’ve outlined in red fill more of the screen. I’m aware clicking on the “Hamburger” fills the square on the left, but I seldom use that information; I just go to "latest and read what people have posted since my last visit.


Is anything planned to fill the space on the right 15-20% of the screen or is that just going to be vacant real estate?

Maybe, but not that I know of. I’d have to ask the developer if this is configurable in CSS. Please note that the width of the center section in this new theme is actually a little wider than the old theme. About an inch on my screen.

Yes. Stay tuned. :smile:

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Thanks. It’s like buying a new car, it will just take a bit of getting used to the new dash layout and features.

I’m on my phone, android, what “hamburger” menu?

How do I get rid of that puke green background in darkmode on the mobile screen? Really distracting and ruins the darkmode experience on mobile devices, and makes while on black impossible to read. How about an option to retain the old version on mobile? I never use a computer to browse this site.


So far, and it’s early in the redesign, I agree for the mobile.

I haven’t tried my computer yet.

So far I am having no problem navigating the site on my PC - haven’t tried the mobile phone yet - all access seems to be working on the PC as before - Tex.

When I click on a topic, it doesn’t take me to the last read post.

Example: Humor takes me to first post, there are only 15,000 (okay, exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like) posts to get to the recent posts.

Just trying access from my Samsung Galaxy 10 (Android) and seems to work okay as before - Tex.

I’ve backed out the changes.

Thank you!

You’ll get there! I appreciate your attention to this, and it certainly is time for an update.

Thought I was going senile as I logged back in on the PC and found all was reverted to before - still working okay - Tex.