Charcoal canister vacuum hoses replacement?

As I was replacing the vacuum hoses on my 93.5 engine, I noticed that the vacuum hoses running under the manifolds are not the same construction as the other : they’re reinforced rubber, like fuel hoses, and have markings “BL CVL 7”
I understand this is because they can carry fuel vapours from the charcoal canister : are those really standard fuel hose ?

as they seem to be quite loose on the fittings, I measured the said fittings, which are about 1/4 (6.35mm), while the hose are 8mm ID, and need some worm clips or spring clips to stay in place

Silicone isn’t a good move with fuel, so I thought using 1/4 fuel hose to replace them to get a better fit, but they’ll become loose in their P clip along the water rail

what would be your suggestion as the best replacement option?

Not sure how it is in France, but in the US, even small cities have brick-and-mortar auto parts stores.
I went to the nearest and got the cheapest (doesn’t have to be CARB or fuel injection) fuel hose, sold by meter (foot actually) that matched my size.

Your old hoses, as you’ve probably determined already, are rock solid and well cooked.
Anything new there will be an improvement :-))

I was surprised that the OD is about 15.5mm, so the hose wall thickness is 4mm or so, like fuel injection hoses, even if there’s no pressure, only only limited vacuum
at first I thought those were coolant hoses, but ending on the manifold didn’t make sense :crazy_face:

I’m living next to Paris, so don’t have any car parts store nearby, but I’ll try and find one further , or will ask the garage next door what they can get

according to Jaguar, it could be 7mm fuel hose, as item #3 :

as a follow up and closure : I got some 1/4 fuel hose, this fit fine on the manifold side (straight fitting), the clip isn’t really useful

but is VERY tight on the junction next to the thermostat
as the hose is stiff getting, it around the bulge on the pipe is very difficult

I reckon 7mm is the best size for this

and yes, the old hose was cooked and stiff :