Charles H. Hornburg Jr

Many of the Heritage Certificates for XK120s and XK140s, originally exported to the U.S., show Charles Hornburg, Los Angeles, California as the original distributor. Up until now, I’ve seen very little information about Hornburg’s life prior to William Lyons appointing him the western U.S. distributor for Jaguar in 1948.

David Reilly who writes the newsletter for the International Jaguar ‘S’-Type Register has spent a lot of time researching Hornburg. His recent newsletter (attached pdf) should be of interest to those of us with Jaguars originally distributed through Hornburg. David tells me he is currently researching Max Hoffman, who Lyons appointed the eastern U.S distributor for Jaguar in 1948. David’s Hoffman research will be in a future newsletter.

Charles Hornburg.pdf (1.7 MB)


Interesting read, thanks for sharing.

I bought my XJS Convertible from Hornburg in the early 90’s, they were still a major force in SOCAL.