Chasing a slightly rough idle on my '89 XJ40

After my head rebuild I’ve developed a slight on and off rough idle (will the madness with this car never end !)

As always my first step was to do a compression check. Since the fuel pump relay on my car is behind the right (passengers) knee trim and difficult to get to I simply unplugged the electrical connectors to the fuel injectors to shut the fuel off while I did the test … and … great news

#1 152 psi
#2 150
#3 154
#4 153
#5 150
#6 150

Since my 3.6L is a “normal” (low compression) engine these are numbers I dream about. Since it’s the first compression check I’ve done since the top of the engine was rebuilt I was holding my breath because you just never know… did I screw something up during the rebuild? … ME … uh no way :grinning:

Next step will be to check for any loose hoses or vacuum leaks

That’s as good as the 36-24-36 figure everybody used to lust after :slight_smile:
Well done Groove.

Used to? Should I feel old?

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You are only as old as the woman you feel :slight_smile: wifes 13 years younger than I :slight_smile: